Easy to install Shampoo Niches

Easy to install Shampoo Niches

Schluter Products offer a full line of tile installation products including this easy to install shampoo niche. The unit comes waterproof and ready to install. Fits anywhere with a 16″ space which is industry standard for framing. More info can be found at www.Schluter.com.

You can also add an additional layer of water protection using Epoxy Bond™ with sanded cement based grout such as Polyblend found at Home Depot or Mapie Keracolor at Lowes.

More info on Epoxy Bond™

TheGroutStore – official supplier of Epoxy Bond and ceramictilepro products

YouTube – officially supported how to videos using Epoxy Bond and Grout Bond products by TheGroutStore.com

Amazon – original genuine grout repair products manufactured by TheGroutStore

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