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By BlackCoffee on July 4, 2015 

CeramicTilePro Epoxy Bond Tub and Shower caulk

This product works great! I have had to caulk my shower every two years. It is a custom tile shower and caulking works fine until the fungicide in the caulk get weak. Then it breaks down in a month. This product is the best of caulk and grout. I followed the video and mixed it a little stiff, about the consistency of soft ice cream. Applied it using the syringe (more later) and worked it like caulk. Then took a wet micro-fiber cloth and cleaned the excess, finished with a grout sponge. The product works more like grout then caulk, but the epoxy helps it adhere nicely. As for the syringe, not really a good idea. I picked up a package of group bags at Lowes (they work and look like a baker's icing bag) for my second project and it is easier. The syringe requires multiple refills and it slows the entire process. One load in the grout bag and you don't have to stop and refill. As for coverage, I did a shower, with a seat, four 9 foot verticals corners. It was around the 50 linear feet specified for the product. My kit included gloves. Nice idea, but I needed man gloves, the ones include were about a medium and I take X-Large. O well, never use gloves anyhow. The epoxy is water based, so clean up is a snap. I'll let you know how it lasts.
By Mark O. on September 22, 2015 
CeramicTilePro Epoxy Bond Tub and Shower caulk
Works great. Take your time and read the instructions carefully. The only issue is filling the syringe. Maybe there is some convenient way. I ended up trying to use a "frosting bag" method mentioned in another review. Wasn't great. After the second refill it was a mess.
The easier way for me was to leave the completed mixture in a 16 oz plastic cup. Then suck up the mix into the syringe through the nose slowly to refill. Then wipe the tip with a damp rag to clean any residue off before applying.
If the manufacturer has a better method it would be good to describe it in the notes.
By Sue Nesbitt on August 21, 2015 
CeramicTilePro Epoxy Bond Tub and Shower caulk
difficulty in getting the vertical grouting to stick due to my lack of experience but I managed to get the job done in my shower and am very pleased with the final results. I would highly recommend this product to anyone willing to give it a try. Great customer service from Jason @ ceramictilepro.
on August 6, 2015 
CeramicTilePro Epoxy Bond Tub and Shower caulk
Small containers make it possible to mix up just the right amount for the job. Easy water cleanup make this a great product for the adventurous amateur. I love the fact that it fixes loose tiles and is very highly resistant to staining and washing away. Highly recommended.