Grout Colors

Polyblend Sanded grout made by Custom Building Products
Sanded Grout available at Home Depot
Grout Colors using sanded and non-sanded grout by Custom Building Products Polyblend grout at Home Depot. Excellent when used with Epoxy Bond grout formula.
Mapei sanded grout available at Lowes can be mixed with Epoxy Bond
Sanded Grout available at Lowes
Mapei sanded grout can be used with Epoxy Bond for waterproof grout that never needs sealing

Epoxy Bond Mixing Instructions




It's important to use the proper grout, meaning a cement based powder type. Using pre-mixed grout is not supported and is considered to be a lower quality grout.

Recommended brands are:

Polyblend by Custom Building Products available at Home Depot.

Keracolor S by Mapei available at Lowes.