SGA 6 oz Premium Waterproof Tile Grout Repair - Ideal to Restore and Seal - Mix to Any Color


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mixing instructions for sga super grout additve

Product Description

  • Tired of replacing Caulk and Silicone? Super Grout is your Answer, Goes on Easy
  • No Shrink Formula outlasts Caulk, Silicone, Adhesives, and Sealers
  • Fixes Grout Cracks Permanently, Never Needs Sealing, 99% Waterproof
  • Perfect for Shower Floors and Dry Areas, Enough for 2 Bathrooms, 50 Linear Foot

Technical Details

  • 4 ounces Resin, 2 ounces Hardener, 1 Syringe, 2 Measuring Cups, 1 Mixing Stick, 1 Pair Gloves, Instructions included
  • Use any Color Sanded Grout - 60 Minute Working Time!
  • Makes 12 oz. - 15 oz. or 50 Linear Foot depending on final consistency.
  • Perfect for Shower Pan perimeters, Tub Showers - anywhere grout has cracked
  • Used For All Grouting Repairs - Wet or Dry
  • No Shrinking, Eliminates Grout Cracks Permanently
  • Never Needs Sealing - 99% Waterproof
  • Mixes with Sanded Cement Based Grout
  • Item #SGA-STD
  • UPC 702403999966

Ceramic Tile Pro Super Grout Additive® Use Instructions

Coverage Per Kit: 50 Linear Foot - Makes 12 oz. - 15 oz. depending on final consistency

1. Make sure and clean area first with a high quality tile & grout cleaner.
2. Scrape and remove any loose grout and caulk completely.
3. Make sure area is clean and dry.
4. Make sure and mix Part A Resin thoroughly with included mix stick.
5. Usually 1/2 kit will cover a standard tub/surround where tile meets tub (approx 15 linear foot) or a standard shower floor perimeter (approx 14 linear foot). Use a plastic disposable cup (8 oz cup works fine) to mix Ceramic Tile Pro Super Grout Additive® and Grout (GROUT SOLD SEPARATELY) . To mix 1/2 kit, use supplied measure cups, fill 2 times with Part A Resin, and 1 time with Part B Hardener, mix together inside 8 oz cup for 1 minute, use 5-6 measure cups of sanded grout, adding 2 measure cups of grout at a time, mix with supplied wood mix stick, keep adding up to 6 measure cups for final consistency that works perfect for all types of applications.
6. Add mixed grout to syringe and apply to areas needing repair.
7. Use vinyl gloves, smooth Super Grout with finger.
8. Use warm/hot bucket of clean water and wipe with microfiber towel
9. Make sure all remaining residue has been removed.
10. Allow wet areas like shower to dry for 3 days, countertops & floors for 1 day before use.

Tips - Where to Buy Grout

Always use NEW sanded grout for best results

Home Depot Grout - Polyblend Grout
Lowes Grout - Mapei Keracolor Grout
TEC Grout - AccuColor Sanded Grout
Bostik Grout - Ceramic Tile Grout 
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So far so good.
This stuff works good but if you have no experience grouting you may run into some issues since the product changes the way grout handles. It becomes similar to a caulk but is not workable in the same manner and hardens within a hour. In my opinion for vertical surfaces you will need to add more grout to the mix to prevent sagging since on flat surfaces it starts to move also. In attempting to use it to fill in a bevel it kept moving outward despite having added more grout powder to it. While it worked for my application I ended up with more of a bull-nose appearance that looks good but was not what I wanted. It hardens tough though and it is taking abuse quite well being by a kitchen sink. I taped on my work area to keep clean up to a minimum and used a scraper to lift off excess before it hardened and wiped with hot water. Get extra latex gloves as well.
Just mix in equal parts
No need to measure . Easy to mix and use.
Great product
Did a tile over tile in the shower and repaired cracked grout on the wall corners. Only problem was finishing before the grout started to set-up. It's sticky so took longer to clean-off than typical grout. A helper on the hot wash water exchange would have reduced time, or could have done in 2 batches. So happy with the way it looks.